(Formerly Genesis Home)

Got some spare time?

The ladies in the Woodcroft Women's club are proud to support Families Moving Forward and its programs that serve homeless families in the Durham community. We have helped Families Moving Forward with some administrative work and volunteered to assist them in some of their own fundraisers, as well as participating in the Barrels of Joy program. At times we volunteer to go and recondition rooms for new residents.

Families Moving Forward actively assists each resident with achieving their specific outcomes by:

Providing individualized case management: Immediately upon arrival at Families Moving Forward, residents begin meeting with case management staff who offer the support and resources needed in order to identify the root cause of their homelessness, overcome obstacles, and build upon their strengths.

Seeking financial assistance: In order for each family to increase its income, Families Moving Forward’s case managers help the residents enroll in public assistance programs, assist with finding employment and educational opportunities, and teach them to use their income to pay down any debt that may prevent them from finding permanent housing.

Offering self-help opportunities: Families Moving Forward’s case managers, volunteers and partner agencies provide training and counseling on issues such as budgeting and finance, anger management, overcoming addiction, domestic violence and abuse, encouraging appropriate familial relationships, and parenting.

Families Moving Forward accepts donations for:

• New items
• Gently used items you personally would consider receiving or using again
• Some furniture items

They also have the Barrels of Joy program that is a great way to make donations!


Email the group coordinator at familiesforward@woodcroftwomensclub.org for more information or to join.