Games n Giggles is a great wind down for a hectic week. We get together on the first and third Friday of the month at 7pm to play some games, eat some snacks, and just have FUN. We play different games, usually decided on that night, depending on our mood. Whoever doesn't know the game, we teach it to them so we learn all kinds of new games as we go.

Had a hard week? Want to relax? Join us for a great night of games n giggles! Let’s play!

Meeting DatePlace
Oct 07Rebecca C's
Oct 21Deane P's
Nov 4Amy B's and Geneva
Nov 18Carol F's
Dec 2Carol F's
Dec 16Eva M's
Jan 6, 2017Audrey N's - Canceled for weather
Jan 20Deane P's
Feb 3Sharon M's
Feb 17Audrey N's
Mar 3Rebecca C's
Mar 17Need a Hostess
Apr 7Rebecca C's
Apr 21Need a Hostess
May 5Need a Hostess
May 19Need a Hostess

G&G girls fight it out, LtoR: Azah N., Amy B., Sharon M., Audrey N., Eva M., and Denise S. who took the pic. N.

G&G girls playing some Dominoes, LtoR: Rebecca C., Denise S., Denise S., Nancy., and Deane P. N.

G&G girls clowning around, LtoR: Deane P., Janice P., Denise S., Eva M., and Audrey N.

Remember, we are only strangers until you get to know us. Then we are just strange. ;)

Email the group coordinator for more information or to join.