October 29th, 2016 was the day!

One of you...
is going to die.

Which of you...
is a cold blooded killer?

Ever wanted to kill someone? Well, you missed your chance! Miss Mabel's Howl-o-ween party was a howwwling success! We had the usual soup of suspects enlivened by the cleverest of characters you have ever seen packed into one place!

We would like to thank Carol for hosting our party in her lovely home and helping plan the event, my wonderful club ghoulfriends who volunteered with food, decorations and clean up, and all of those that donated to and/or attended the event.

We raised $590 for charity just by having fun!

Our wicked witch (Caroline D.) does not look overly impressed with Drac's (Deane P.) ferocity.

Deb, Nita, & Eva show off their party smiles. Eva's might need a bit of work!

Liz, Erik and Caroline gang up for some party fun. (Erik, that's an odd cut for a beard!)

Alas, Miss Mabel (Carol) did not survive the party! (We suspect it was too much punch!)

Suspect's convene to process the clues and point their fingers at one another in suspicion.

Gambling, drugs, blackmail, illicit affairs, and other illegal activities come to light as the accusations fly!

Whodunit? They all look so deceptively innocent! But one of them is a cold hearted killer!

Our inspector Holme's (Janis, right) nailed her man, the bad hombre (Ned, left). (Don't ya just love the matching mustaches?)

Email the event coordinator at murdermystery@woodcroftwomensclub.org for more information or to volunteer.