Connecting with Our Friends, Linking with our Community!

The Woodcroft Women's Club is a diverse and vibrant group of women in Southwest Durham who are united to serve the interests and needs of each other and the community at large.

You don't have to live in Woodcroft to be a part of the group!

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Board of Officers

Vice President
Past President
Membership Secretary
Recording Secretary
Linda K
Janis T
Janis T
Mary Lou B
Denise S
Adrienne M

Prior year's board: Rebecca C., Deane P., Valerie D., Adrienne M., Janis T., and Audrey N.

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Ways & Means Committee

Amy B
Lori M
Lynne J
Diana D
Valerie D
Treasurer (Mary Lou B)

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Fundraiser Chairs

Christmas Tea
Neighborhood Yard Sale
Valerie D
Eva M

Fundraising Chairs
Prior year's fundraiser chairs: Eva M. for the Holiday Auction, and Peggy F. for the Yardsales.

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Support Positions

Photo Coordinator
Mary M
Lynne J & Janis T
Linda K
Kim L
Jeff C
Volunteer Needed

Prior year's support group: Rebecca C., Audrey N., Lynne J., Janis T., Jennifer A., and Linda K.

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Volunteer and Charity Project Leads

Durham Crisis Response Center
Families Moving Forward
Share your Christmas
Power Packs
Barb H
Denielle V
Deane P
Caroline D
Peggy F & Colette D

Prior year's charity & project leads: Liz W., Adrienne M., Denielle V., Peggy F., and Caroline D.

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Special Interest Group Leads

Bead It Here
Book Club
Book Study
Games & Giggles
Mugs & Muffins
Scrap Crafts
Eva M
Lynne J
Lorraine G
Julie H & Ashley C
Sharon M
Volunteer Needed
Volunteer Needed
Carolyn R
Amy B

Prior year's interest group leads: Lynne J., Eva M., Rebecca C., Caroline D., Carolyn R., and Audrey N.

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2015 Thirty-Year Celebration ~ Past Presidents

(left to right) Lorre K., Liz W., Peggy F., Lori M., Maria F., Susan E., Laura M., Wylli S., Barb Hill., and Deane P.

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2005 Twenty-Year Celebration ~ Past Presidents

(left to right) Susan E, Beth E, Kim G, Elizabeth W, Maria F,
Lorie P, & Laura M